12 Nov

Hello Chocolate lovers!

How do you know how to buy what the Aztecs call the “Food of the Gods”? You are bombarded everyday with how good chocolate is for you and how also how bad it is. What do you need to watch out for when buying chocolates in a store? Is there such a thing as good chocolate and bad chocolate?

Good chocolate is healthy and gives you all the goodness your body & mind needs which I will be talking about in the next blog. Bad Chocolate, is what makes you fat, ruins your teeth & gives you a short burst of energy, only to feel depleted of energy again.

So how can can you get hold of good chocolate? How do you know what to look out for when buying chocolate?

You find yourself walking into the most amazing store that is filled with rows & rows of delicious chocolate all begging and screaming for your attention. You pick one up and immediately look at the back to the ingredients section, this is what will give you the information you need as to whether the chocolate you are holding in your hands is good chocolate or bad chocolate for you.


Dark, milk or white?  Research has shown that Dark chocolate is more beneficial in promoting vascular health (70% minimum) but milk chocolate and white chocolate, and other varieties do not. Having said that it is recommended that you limit yourself to a few ounces a day, don’t rely on chocolate to make up for a bad diet & insufficient exercise. This is the secret to having the pleasure without the guilt.


This is an emulsifier obtained from soybeans that enhances on smoothness & creaminess


This is an acknowledgement that the ingredients used in your  chocolate has been traded under fair terms for farmers and worker in the developing world. It addresses injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates the poorest and weakest producers.


This means that what you are holding in your hand is NOT chocolate. The natural cocoa butter in real chocolate has been extracted and replaced with palm oil/hydrogenated oils to produce a much cheaper chocolate-like product. These are what blocks your arteries! Cocoa butter on the other hand stays liquid at body temperature.

These are the main things you will need to consider when making your purchase.  Hopefully armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make an educated guess of how to buy the right type of chocolate that is suitable to you.

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