Why does Chocolate make you feel sooooooo good?

29 Nov

Benefits of Chocolate Shakespare has been quoted saying “If chocolate be the food of love, eat on”. Well he didn’t really say that but it sounds quite impressive! However, Montezuma shared chocolate with his wives and maidens. Madame du Barry fed it to her lovers and Casanova seduced women with a cup of cocoa…

Clearly there must be something magical about this thing we call chocolate. Well, here are a list of the substances in chocolate that make you feel good:

  • Phenethylamime: the same substance found in the brain when you are in love. Yes, chocolate is an aphrodisiac!
  • Anandamine: creates a mild form of euphoria
  • Methylxanthines: are stimulants which don’t give you the same coffee jolt but work slowly to up your energy level. Maybe it’s time to substitute that morning coffee for dark chocolate?

These are the substances that are also good for you:

  • Polyphenols: these are the same anti-oxidants found in red wine and green tea. Also, Dark chocolate is higher in anti-oxidants than the acai berry!
  • Magnesium: aids muscle relaxation, energy function and a proper nerve function
  • Copper: prevents anemia and an effective hemoglobin
  • Cocoa butter: stays liquid at body temperature and so does not block your arteries like regular fats and oils do.

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