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Inside: Chocolat – The Movie


Inside: Chocolat – The Movie.

Here we are looking to re-create the feel of the movie by giving you some interior ideas for your very own french kitchen, inspired by the movie, Chocolat. Yes, we didn’t forget the lipstick and earrings. We were also going to include the red shoes but ran out of space, so hope you can forgive us for not including it. Your newly french inspired kitchen would never be complete without a bit of fashion! Remember, you can also purchase all your gorgeous, mouth watering chocolates from our online boutique store… Spoil yourself a little…

1. Celiing Pendant,£94   2. Copper pots,£5   3.Moon Dance Earrings, £99   4.Vintage Tea set, £134
5.Heart wire stand, £25   6.Silver Bowl, £25  7. Gourmet Apron, £5  8.Classic Lipstick, £14
9. Kilner Jar, £4    10.Glass Cloche, £44   11.Duck & Denim Paint, £18-£22   12. Bar Stool, £522


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