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How to have a chocolate wedding (The Cake and Clothes)

How to have a chocolate wedding (The Cake and Clothes)

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a chocolate themed wedding? Something that will wet you and your wedding guests appetite, imagination and craving for more? Or at least a very unforgetable wedding day…

you have the cake:

Little venice cake company

1.Little Venice Cake Company, UK

2. Wedding Cake Search Engine, UK

3. Divine Wedding Cakes, UK






Then ofcourse the all important dresses:

  • 1. The Bride

4. Caroline Castigliano, UK

5. Satin Handmade Embriodery Bridal Gown, UK


Your wedding dress can be any shade chocolate to cream to white… you have the final say in this one! 🙂





  • 2. The Groom

7. Red Grooms, UK

8. Jasper Littman Bespoke Suit

9. Marc Wallace


  • 3. The Bridesmaids


9. Bridesmaid Store, UK

10. Bridal Gowns, UK

What chocolate wedding are you inspired to have now? leave your comments, share your ideas..

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