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Edible Chocolate Fashion show




The Chocolate fashion show “Sweet Couture” happened in Ohama this September. Sweet Couture is a fund-raising event for theĀ Omaha Restaurant Association.Yes, the clothes are made of edible chocolate. Fancy wearing one to work one day? Imagine what would happen. Photos taken by Kathy Rae Photography.

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Stunning chocolate falling photography

I am a huge fan of surreal art work like those by Salvador Dali but when I find one that involves chocolate? Well naturally, you know i’m going to blog about it. I just can’t help myself! So here are some gorgeous delicious photos



These photos were created by the Japanese graphic design studio based in Tokyo. They are called NAM. Most of their art work is surreal based and they seem to not be afraid of showing off their technique by leaving the strings in for you to gawk at their wonderful artistry.


and ofcourse take a look at the “Making of” Video for stunning chocolate photography feast your eyes and imagination even more!

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Chocolate Melting Lamp


Chocolite by Nemo


It looks delicious but it’s a disappointingly inedible chocolate piece. Chocolite by Nemo (an Italian design company) is a table lamp shade of which the base is made to look like melting chocolate and the top resembles a praline. Now I know what I would like added to my Christmas/Birthday list. Your nearest Store dealer in central London is:

The London Lighting Co
135 Fulham Road

Tel: 0207 589 3612
Where to buy

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Our first Market Stall in London

Did you know we were at North Harrow this past weekend? Its the first of many more to come in and around London. We are going to be a bit more central at the next one. Date, time and place will be confirmed soon. Where would you like to see us?


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