Ben Affleck and Chocolates in Congo

10 Oct
Ben Affleck and Chocolates in Congo

Ben Affleck has recently been busy with his new film “Argo” in which he directed and starred in.Despite his crazy schedule, he has been able to dedicate his time and attention to the Chocolate industry in Congo.
Congo has been going through numerous conflicts, civil war and fighting among rogue militias. Millions of people have died as a result of all the unrest going on in the country. Upon hearing the stories as a result of the unrest, Mr Affleck felt drawn to do something about it especially when he found out that 2 out of every 3 women have been raped, he felt deeply moved as a husband and as a father.
Affleck’s organisation the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) is aiming to raise awareness and generate funding for community based groups in the country. They have recently been focusing on sustainable aid, connecting the local farmers with chocolate manufacturers in order for the people to make money through their hard work and efforts.

Mr Affleck is certainly opening doors for the people of Congo and it really does make him look even more handsome don’t you think?

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