Do YOU know what’s in your food?

21 Oct

I recently watched a disturbing video about what is contained in the foods we purchase from the supermarket and produced for the masses. It lead me to the question I am asking you now, do YOU know what’s in your food? It concerns me that so much trust has been placed with food giants and it isn’t surprising that the worst offenders of genetically modified foods for the mass population is coming from America.

You can see the physical evidence around you, Americans are suffering from obesity and huge health problems compared to those of us living in Europe. This doesn’t mean we are completely immune to this poor standard of unhealthy, life crippling food, here in Europe. I have had my moments of buying a “succulent looking” whole chicken, bringing it home, boiling it and and finding it floating in an exaggerated thick layer of oil.  It had me thinking twice about where I purchased my food from. Cheaper is not necessarily better! The cost has a very huge price on your health! And thats right, the big producers of food do not care about your health. Some of the health problems caused by consumption of GMO foods are diabetes, infertility, cancer, allergies and the list of goes on and on. It would be strongly advised to begin buying and eating organic food if you are serious about your health and long term happiness. You can also watch the video below if you would like to find more proof in the pudding. Lets stop living in denial about the harm we are causing each other through the food we eat and give to our children.


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