How to Sell Chocolates to Bulldogs

07 Nov

That’s it. I said it. I feel like a complete idiot. The after effects of seeing a potential client, I thought I was prepared and ready for everything and anything. What I was not prepared for was to shake hands with 4 very formal looking people. I was used to having informal talks with head chefs and buyers but four people?!?? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I felt naked and wish I had brought my entourage with me. How am I going to handle four “skeptical” people about why working with me and my chocolates would be such a great idea. Hey, i’m a chocolatier not a sales woman! I felt cornered but fumbled along my semi-pitch with as much grace as I could muster. Ofcourse, they loved the chocolates and one particularily loved how “creamy” my white chocolates tasted, they walked off with my “freebies” and I was out on the street in half an hour. I felt like i had just been sniffed by ten bull dogs.


photo credit: Stewart Black


photo credit: inajeep

Okay, the photos above have no bulldogs but you get the idea right?..

So how do you sell like an idiot? Well if you left your meeting feeling like an idiot then you’ve pretty much won the gold star prize. How do you un-idiotize yourself after been roughened up a bit?


photo credit: ashley rose,

Make notes of what you think went wrong, what do you think needs improvement and suitable action steps to “nail it” for the next one. You want to make sure you can beat those bull dogs with a stick next time they come sniffing around, so they know who’s the boss.

They will love you and stay loyal after that.


photo credit: aye_shamus

Disclaimer: I do not support animal or people cruelty, so please don’t be idiotic enough to beat an actual dog or human being with a stick. Never feed dogs chocolate, it will kill them.

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