Eat Dark Chocolate For your health!

15 Nov

Eat Dark Chocolate For your health

Imagine, you suffer from heart disease or hypertension and the cardiologist prescribes you a diet containing chocolate truffles or bonbons! Will you believe your eyes? However there are signs that this picture will soon come to reality, as day-to-day studies show that chocolate is a healthy food. Prestigious medical journals state that dark, and not milk or white, chocolate is good for health.

Dark chocolate lowers hypertension

As shown by researchers of University of Cologne, Germany, dark chocolate lowers elevated blood pressure. The report of the researchers has been published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. However, you will have to remember that eating too much of dark chocolate can also lower blood pressure below desirable level. So also, the excessive calories will have to be balanced by eating less amount of other things.

Antioxidant content in dark chocolate

The report by the researchers of National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research, Rome, Italy, says that dark chocolate, plain and not in combination with milk and not milk chocolate, acts as a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are helpful in destroying free radicals which are the culprits in causing cardiac and many other ailments. The report says that milk may hamper absorption of antioxidants in dark chocolate and so, may nullify its health benefits.

Studies prove health benefit of dark chocolate

A study was conducted with seven women and six men in the age group of 56 to 64, having just diagnosed with mild hypertension. They were given a 100 gm candy bar everyday for two weeks and were told to balance its 480 calories by not consuming any other food with similar calories and nutrients. Half the participants were given dark chocolate and half were given the white one. It was revealed that those who were given dark chocolate had a remarkable drop in blood pressure and those who got white chocolate had no improvement.

Another study was conducted on seven women and five men, all healthy, in the age group of 25 to 35. They were given 100 gm dark chocolate or 100 gm dark chocolate with whole milk or 200 gm milk chocolate on different days. It was observed after an hour that those who had only dark chocolate had antioxidants in their blood to the largest extent. They had greater levels of epicatechin, an especially healthy antioxidant in chocolate. On the other hand, those who ate milk chocolate had the lowest levels of epicatechin in their blood.

Thus you will have to remember to consume the dark variety of chocolate to get all its health benefits. Eat dark and stay healthy!

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