Chocolate perfumes Episode 1

08 Dec

There are so many chocolate infused perfumes out there, I thought I’d break them down into episodes so as not to overwhelm those precious nostrils of yours….

If you have tried the all too familiar sweet chocolate smell of Angel, Aquolina Chocolovers or Tommy Hilfiger milk chocolate scented body cream and feel sick to the stomach with the over the top sweet smells, then let me entice you to a more mature range of chocolate perfumes fused with patchouli, iris and other exotic scents, sure to leave you smelling like the true goddess you were born to be, rather than a cheap chocolate wrapper.

Mazzolari- Lei. A sexy perfume for the sexy goddess in you! An incredible mood booster just like rolling cocoa powder!


Mazzolari Lei

Parfumerie Generale Musc Maori  is a blend of coffee flowers, musk and amber. It uses bitter, unsweetened chocolate, so has a creaminess that isn’t too sweet, and comes in a lovely, simple bottle.

There are some other lovely scents around containing a hint of chocolate such as:

Avril Lavigne Black Star(contains dark chocolate)

 Britney Spears Fantasy (white chocolate, jasmine and musk) 

Paco Rabanne Black XS (contains cocoa)

and Calvin Klein CKIN2U (contains cocoa)


Smelling deliciously edible: From left, Parfumerie Generale Musc Maori, Avril Lavigne’s Black Star and Britney Spears’ Fantasy

I have got some more chocolate perfumes to enchant you even further. Coming up in episode 2. Have you subscribed to my blog? Subscribe now so you don’t miss out and forget about your Chocolate girlfriend here!

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