Chocolate perfumes – Episode 2

15 Dec

Here is a continuation of Episode 1 of my blog post last week Chocolate perfumes – episode 1

It gets more exciting and complex in smell… I can’t wait to get hold of some of these and do a personal review on them. But if you have tried any of these exotic scents or know someone who uses them please comment in the box below. Would love to hear your thoughts on these gorgeous chocolate perfumes. Are you precious nostrils ready? 🙂

Here is introducing…

Aftelier- Cocoa.

Aftelier Cocoa

Possibly the world’s most seductive form of chocolate, with jasmine and blood
orange. The chocolate alcohol is the foundation of this perfume using organic cocoa beans from Costa Rica.

Guerlain- Iris Ganache.

Guerlain Iris Ganache

Guerlain- Iris Ganache

White chocolate never smelled more enticing. Made with Iris, white chocolate, patchouli and cedar.

Serge Lutens- Vetiver Oriental.

Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental

Serge Lutens- Vetiver Oriental.

Wonderfully original and intoxicating. Chocolate in the jungle.

To Purchase from the UK click HERE!

To purchase from the US click HERE!

Serge Lutens- Borneo 1834.

Serge Lutens Borneo 1834

Serge Lutens- Borneo 1834.

The reference perfume for patchouli and cocoa. Dark and dusty.

Providence Perfume Company- Cocoa Tuberose.

cocoa tuberose

Providence Perfume Company- Cocoa Tuberose.

A rich gourmand scent made with dark African cocoa, buttery white tuberose, tonka, vetiver and wormwood blended seamlessly.  A bit of pink grapefruit refreshes.  A comforting cashmere scent with a light woody pipe tobacco drydown.  Unisex.

Cartier- Le Baiser du Dragon.

Cartier- Le Baiser du Dragon.

Cartier- Le Baiser du Dragon.

Amaretto and chocolate over a patchouli-vetiver base. A love-or-hate fragrance.

To Purchase, Click HERE for US residents

To Purchase Click HERE for UK residents

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