Our Valentines Chocolates are here!

10 Feb

I’ve been working hard to make some fairtrade chocolates that are well presented and taste great. I hope you like what you see. They are available to purchase on my website Buy them now.

Here are some behind the scenes photos…First is me mixing up the ganache to make the centers

Gaache Chocolate Centre

Ganache Chocolate Centre

Here are some of the beauties I made with the ganache using 70% fairtrade dark chocolate

Almond Truffle

Almond Truffle

Looks like it’s wearing a hawaiian skirt. Proud of this photo, tastes nutty too, recommended for that naughty heart throb of yours.

Fairtrade Heart Shaped Chocolate

Fairtrade Heart Shaped Chocolate

Wouldn’t make sense not to have a heart shaped piece to include in the box.

Fairtrade Rose Petral Truffle

Fairtrade Rose Petal Truffle

You guessed right, it’s made with real Rose petals. Another Valentine must have! Now you have a great excuse as to why you bought only chocolates and no Roses 🙂

Fairtrade Cinnamon Truffle

Fairtrade Cinnamon Truffle

Last but definately not least is the Cinnamon Truffle, made to add a bit of spice into your love life. Reminds me of a spicy mayan hot chocolate.

So here are the end results of my Valentines Chocolates. Click on the photos to take you directly to the website to purchase them.

Fairtrade Valentines Chocolates

Fairtrade Valentines Chocolates

Valentine Love Box

Valentine Love Box

Fairtrade Love Box

Fairtrade Love Box

Come and visit my online chocolate shop at or by clicking HERE which will take you straight through to the boutique shop Chocolates for you! My little online boutique shop has a selection of my handmade chocolates as well as selected hand picked chocolate products that I think you would love to try, if you are looking for something a little unique come and visit the Chocolate boutique shop today!

Are you, or do you know someone planning a wedding? Would you like to customize your chocolate wedding favors online? You can also do that at my online store too! Here is the direct link which will take you straight through to the Wedding Favor page where you can customize your chocolate wedding favors!

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La Signorina Chocolates


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