Does your Mother make you mad or make you proud?

23 Feb
La Signorina Mother's Day Chocolates

La Signorina Mother’s Day Chocolates

Mother’s Day is coming up here in the UK on the 10th of March. It is also called Mothering Sunday. What will you be doing? When you think of your mother, do you bring up feelings of anger or feelings of pure  love and admiration? Whatever those feeling might be, i’m sure you can think of one person or maybe two women who have been significant in your life and have stepped up to embrace you just as a mother would. This might or might not be your biological mother.

As I have grown older, I have come to love and respect so many women that I love to call my “adopted mum”. even though not in the literal sense, I was the one doing the adopting and not the other way round as is traditionally done. I grew up having several mums and so I find it easier to spread the motherly love to any woman who has been significant in my growing up years and positively impacted my life. What is your take on mothers and motherhood in general? Will you be buying that special mother, adopted or step mother a special gift to acknowledge their love and support for you this year?

La Signorina Mother's Day Chocolates

La Signorina Mother’s Day Chocolates

Not everyone has had a wonderful relationship with their biological mothers but perhaps it would be a good time to reflect on the gift of life this woman gave to you, I mean think about it… she could have terminated her pregnancy if she wanted to (depending on the era, but these days it’s so easy to do), Instead she welcomed you into her life, you gulped, ate and pooed in her womb for nine solid months, making her turn fat and resemble more of a whale than that fancy chick that your biological dad couldn’t resist. Then you came out, she clothed and fed you every time you cried, changed your dirty diapers, and did her best to give you a comfortable life. The list goes on and on. My heart goes out to all mother’s this coming mothering Sunday, they all deserve a “Thank you” and a little acknowledgment for all they have done. Nobody is perfect though, she might have made a few disappointing mistakes somewhere down the line, but she does deserve your love. The one she gave to you. It’s time to give it back.

La Signorina Mother's Day Chocolates

La Signorina Mother’s Day Chocolates

I was in the kitchen creating these beautiful white chocolate plaques with motherly quotes on them, it’s even got quotes from Gloria Estefan and Robert Browning. I hope you like them? They will be available to purchase on my website now, here is the link Please sign up for my newsletters if you do visit. I would be happy to make these special chocolates for that special woman/women in your life. These chocolates have been made using fairtrade chocolate just incase you were wondering. Happy Mother’s Day!

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La Signorina Chocolates
La Signorina Chocolates
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