DIY Chocolate Face Mask and Beauty Tips (Video Blog)

24 Mar

Video Transcript:

What you are gonna need for this chocolate face mask is Cocoa Powder, 1 tablespoon of that, about a teaspoon of salt, which is great for exfoliating, coconut oil which I have put in the microwave for a few seconds just to melt down, so it’s easy to work with. You’re only gonna need 1 teaspoon of that. 2 teaspoons of clear honey. You can use your favourite honey; organic honey, whichever, it’s all very very good for you. Some banana which I just cut a little piece off, and we are just going to mix everything in together.

Here is 1 tablespoon of our cocoa powder, it’s got a high level of anti oxidants that promotes cell repair, helps to prevent wrinkles. Crush everything and mix everything all up, so we can form like a really nice paste, you can do this in a normal bowl with your fork or your spoon, or whatever utensils you have at can make use of them all. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, you don’t really need alot. A teaspoon of coconut oil, in here (hums a tune), coconut oil is great for moisturising, 2 teaspoons of honey, it’s actually anti-bacterial, helps to open up your clogged pores, and helps to retain your skin moisture, so it’s great for moisturising.

Instead of banana you can also use yoghurt, I actually have that recipe on my blog so if you are subscribed you can actually find it. It’s The recipe for the one with yoghurt, which is also great for your skin. I mean yoghurt dissolves your dead skin cells, it’s also an anti-biotic and it’s great for removing spots, and zits and all that junk that you have on your face. So we have a nice little paste going on here, that we’ve mixed up. Completely edible, smells amazing, we have a lovely chocolate paste here, which I am now going to scoop out into my beauty bowl. You’ve got your chocolate face mask ready to go. What I like to do actually is use a make up brush, to paint this on. So I’m gonna show you my face now and i’m gonna paint.

I’m ready to go, I’ve got my hair all tied back, with this extra bling thing just to keep all my hair off my face. I have one little tip for you actually, if you ever run out of bronzing powder or blusher. Cocoa powder is actually good for that. You only need a little bit. I like to dab that extra little bit on my hand, it’s a great blusher, it smells great, no one will now. This is particularly good if you’ve got a tanned skin, i’m not sure it will work on white skin but just give it a go, make sure you use a little bit, you’re good to go, you’ve got natural blusher.

I’ve got my chocolate mixture and my blusher, I’m going to paint this on my face, I haven’t got a mirror, oh my god it smells amazing, it great for getting ready for saturday night, so this will harden on your face after about 20 mins, so take your time etc etc.

Face mask gets dry she gives 3 tips on how to take off, over the sink, use a face towel and warm water (use a chocolate brown face towel so you dont stain) or jump in the shower. she takes off and describes how it felt, she loved the smell and the banana flavour gave other tips on using the yoghurt, feels like a baby’s skin, complexion is clear. finish off with cocoa butter body lotion, good for finishing off if you have particularily dry skin. Bring it down to your neckline. Make sure you have no jewellry on when doing your face mask.


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