Barbajada – Italian Chocolate and Coffee Drink Recipe (Video Blog)

30 Mar


She does the introduction into the drink from Italy called Barbajada from the 19th Century, just coffee, milk and chocolate mixed in equal proportions mixed with cream. You can serve hot or cold. As it’s spring time in London she will be making it hot as it’s still chilly in England. You can have this with Panettone or Pandoro (Italian sweet bread usually available during the Christmas season)

Before we begin, she shows how to use an Italian Caffettiera, found in a lot of Italian homes, used to make coffee. She uses Lavazza Qualita Rossa ground coffee, reccommends also using Illy Ground Italian Coffee or any other Italian ground coffee. She explains how to use the three sections of the Caffetteria.

Music comes on showing the measurements and making of Barbajada Drink recipe:

2 teaspoons of Fairtrade Sugar

150g of Fairtrade Dark Chocolate

150 ml of Milk or Water (add gradually)

Mix together on low heat

Add 150ml of Coffee

Whisk Whipping Cream on a medium to high setting,

Whisk Chocolate and Coffee mixture until you get some froth…

Pour Chocolate and coffee mixture into a mug three quaters of the way, top up with your whipped cream

She tastes the drink, amazing, you have to try it, this is perfect for winter. You’ll love it.

What she really loves about this drink is the contrast between the cold whipped cream and the hot chocolate and coffee melting into mouth, it’s a great contrast. If you are not into contrasting and you just want one solid drink, just give it a good mix. Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below, let her know how it went and let her know your thoughts on this amazing drink.


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