How to Make Chocolates: The Tools

27 Apr

How to Make Chocolates: The Tools


Hello and welcome to this video, I’m going to show you some important and useful tools that you need to have in the kitchen when making chocolate. So here is introducing to you the dosage funnel and holder, transfer sheets, pvc or acetate sheets, Dipping forks – these are very very useful when dipping chocolate centers inside your chocolate and you don’t want them to get lost, some baking paper or parchment paper, you want to get a silicon coated, non stick type. I picked this up from Tesco so there is no excuse for you not to find one here in the UK. Thermometer, I love this, this is an infrared thermometer, it’s great ’cause you don’t have to dip it in the chocolate to get a reading so it keeps it nice and clean.You are going to need some spatulas, this specific spatula I love because it has a metal probe that runs all the way down to the bottom so that when you are mixing and tempering your chocolate, you actually get a reading of the temperature on the screen right here.Offset spatulas, something to grate your chocolate with and some cookie cutters, you can get various shapes and sizes, pallet knives or bench scrapers, very very useful. You definately need an accurate kitchen scale so do invest in one. Finally, last and definately not least, you need to get some chocolate moulds. Now there are two types. I love this one, it’s the one I use it’s called a polycarbonate chocolate mould.  It’s very durable, it’s what professional chocolatiers use. It’s quite pricey and expensive but it’s worth it because it would last you a long time.  Otherwise you can pick these ones from ebay, they are alot cheaper. They are very light and alot easier to damage but if you are just starting out in chocolate making then you can go for these ones because they are alot cheaper and you can find them on ebay. So, I hope you found this video useful, please like it, share it with your friends, hit the subscribe button and I will be coming back to you with some more tips and tutorials digging into the history of chocolate, how to temper chocolate as well as some amazing recipes. Do share this with at least one of your friends and I’ll see you in the next video…

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