Chocolate Decoration and Art

18 May


Hello, welcome to this video, today I’m going to show you how to make chocolate decorations using some cookie cutters and these will be perfect with your desserts.So if you come over here, we have some butterflies. I absolutely love these butterflies they are so cute, some stars, some heart shapes, ginger bread men…

The list goes on and on depending on how many cookie cutter shapes you have. I believe this is going to be really popular with the kids, perfect to add to your deserts as a little decorative thing. So come along to my workstation and I can show you how I can make these and you can make these too from home.

Welcome to the workstation, we just have our marble slab you can use a granite slab as well, our acetate sheet, some tempered chocolate in a bowl. Ladle a generous amount of chocolate, we need to work quite quickly here. Pour a generous helping and then spread it with my spatula. Don’t be afraid to go out of the edges you just want it spread as evenly as possible across your sheet, you want to be generous with the edges. So we’ve pretty much covered it. Lift off the sides, give it a bit of a shake so it’s nice and smooth and leave that to set.

Okay so as our chocolate now begins to set, we are going to use some biscuit cutters and press in, little butterflies here, I think these are supposed to be ginger bread men (giggles) no idea who they are. Now this is the reason why you need to work quickly because they’ve already started to come off. Heart shapes, some circles, and so if your chocolate sets, just pull it out of the cutter and it will be fine. Squares, it’s quite hard already but just to help with the cooling down process we are just going to pop this in the fridge for a few minutes.

Here is our chocolate now brought out from the fridge that’s been set, It looks like a little jigsaw puzzle it’s quite cute. Now we are just going to break off our chocolate pieces from the acetate sheet and look at our lovely it is, the star that we have, set the aside, let’s pull out our butterflies, how cute are these? absolutely gorgeous. It will look absolutely perfect with your ice creams.

I hope you really enjoyed the video and it’s inspired you to get into the kitchen to make some of these lovely creations. So if you like this video, please like it, share it with your friends so that more and more people enjoy these videos and I know you actually getting something out of it.So until next time in the next video, I’m going to go out and enjoy my chocolate sunglasses and you have a great time, Ciao.

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