Why is Chocolate Tempered ?

01 Jun

Why is Chocolate Tempered ?

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Well hello it’s so great to see you. I hope you are enjoying my pink ensemble today. I am going to be talking to you about why we need to temper chocolate because a few of you have been asking me why do we need to temper chocolate? There are lots of reasons and so if you do decide to work with untempered chocolate then you’ve probably experienced one or all of these examples that i’m going to give to you.

So once you have melted your chocolate down, it’s really warm, there are no chocolate crystals left, it’s completely untempered, your chocolate has been thrown out of temper, Now if you decide to pour that straight into your moulds, you put it in the fridge or freezer and they look beautiful, you try and get them out and they don’t come out. That’s one of the main reasons why you don’t want to work with untempered chocolate because it’s still gooey and soft and just doesn’t crystallize the way it should.  Now if you are lucky because you have popped it into the freezer so it’s solid and you are able to actually get it out, The next problem you are going to face is once it comes to room temperature, it’s going to melt and that’s all your hard work gone to waste. So as soon as someone picks it up and puts it in their hands, it’s going to start melting very very quickly. Even before someone touches it, it probably is already starting to melt. It will cause condensation so your chocolate will start to sweat which will eventually cause fat bloom so you are going to get white streaks across your chocolate, you’ve probably seen that when you have left your chocolates out in a hot area and it’s cooled down again so you get those streaks. I will leave some photos:

Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate Bloom

These are examples of untempered chocolate with the grey streaks across. Now when you try to break it, it’s very crumbly, it’s bendy, it’s soft, there is no snap!

It’s the worst experience, eating chocolate without having a snap (I love to hear the snap) I’m sure you do too. So yes, you want to work with tempered chocolate so you hear that snap, it’s got that shine and it’s not grainy as well when you taste it. So untempered chocolate is going to taste very grainy and it’s going to be a very inferior experience to what I would love you to experience. I’m sure you would like your friends and your family or whoever is tasting your chocolate creations to enjoy them as well.

So those are the main reasons why you want to work with tempered chocolate. So if you would like to learn how to temper chocolate, here is the link:

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