What is White Chocolate made of ?

08 Jun
What is White Chocolate made of ?

What is White Chocolate made of ?VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (Press the Play button to watch the video on You Tube)

Is white chocolate real chocolate? What do you think? I’m curious to know, why don’t you pause the video now, leave a comment and say “Yes! It’s absolutely chocolate what are you talking about?” or you could say “It’s not the real thing, I don’t agree” So hit the pause button now and I’ll wait here for you…

Did you hit the pause button? If you did wel ldone and thank you for interacting with me, I do like to hear your feedback. So, if you haven’t left a comment, please do so now…

I will answer your question, yes and no. White Chocolate as opposed to your dark and your milk, doesn’t contain cocoa solids. Your cocoa solids is what makes your chocolate have that brown colour. So technically, it does come from the same plant and it’s processed exactly the same way except that it doesn’t have cocoa solids,so what is left now is your cocoa butter. So white chocolate is made from cocoa butter.

Out of all three, it’s the least healthy because it’s just got cocoa butter and no cocoa solids. Your cocoa solids is really what brings all those health benefits that you hear so much about when people talk about healthy chocolates. So out of all the three, your dark chocolate is your healthiest. Now white chocolate is still quite healthy compared to other butters and oils, reason being that is melts at body temperature so it does not clog up your arteries like regular butters and margarine will do.

So having said that, I do love my white chocolate and i’m actually savoring the moment for me to open this white chocolate bar but this specific one is a special one that we made just for you here at La Signorina. And we are going to be giving this away to one lucky person that is watching this video right now. It could be you, all you need to do is pop a comment in the comment box below and say “I love La Signorina Chocolates” and you will be automatically entered to win this beautiful handmade chocolate bar made with a drizzle of dark chocolate and it’s all cruelty-free, so it’s fairly traded. It’s very important to us here at La Signorina that we work with fairtrade chocolate and yes, I would love to get this out to you so leave a comment now saying “I love La Signorina Chocolates” I will be announcing the winner next week, on youtube, my blog and my newsletter, so if you are subscribed to my newsletter that would be perfect. That way you wouldn’t miss out if it’s you that has won this chocolate. So until next time in the next video, take care! Spoil yourself a little…

Leave a comment now saying “I love La Signorina Chocolates” to win your free white chocolate bar.

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