How to Store Chocolate

16 Jun
How to Store Chocolate

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful men out there! I will be remembering my papa today as it has been a year since he suddenly passed away and I will reflect on all the good times to keep me going. Also would like us women to acknowledge all the men in our lives today and how they have helped shape our paths, directly or indirectly. I would also like to reach out to women who are particularly feeling burnt out or extremely hurt by a man in your life that may have disappointed you. Please don’t let that taint your heart and close yourself to all the good men out there. There are still some whether you believe it or not… just don’t harden your heart and learn to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. It is hard to find a good father figure these days, especially as we women don’t seem to be given enough respect in their eyes. But we can change that. We just all need to continue to remain strong, carry ourselves with dignity and the right man will come along and run that path beside us. (When the queen is ready, the king will appear) so get ready. Let’s shine as women, acknowledge those awesome father figures in our lives. And if you can’t find one, get one. One that is a shining example of the father you have always wanted! Here is a video to the question “How to Store Chocolates”, I also announce the winner of the free chocolate give away so be sure to stay to the very end of the video to watch the funny outtakes at the end too!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: (Click the play button to watch the video)

Well hello what are you doing in my fridge? Well you asked me a question, so i’m here to answer, how do I Store chocolate? Do I store them in the fridge, what do I do with them? Yes, you can store chocolate in the fridge but it is best savoured at room temperature. So if you are living in a warmer climate then yes by all means store them in the fridge, anything between 13 and 20 degrees celcius is ideal for storing chocolates. If you have a wine refrigerator that’s perfect for storing chocolates as well. Ideally, store them in the original packaging. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, then a plastic container will do just make sure that it is not a cheap one, layer it with some kitchen paper, when you are ready to eat them just bring the entire container out into room temperature before you open it so there is no condensation on your chocolates.So I hope that as answered your questions, until next time in the next video. Ciao.

I forgot to announce the winner of the chocolate giveaway so I put all your beautiful names into a hat and I have a winner! And the winner is… Sheri Graubert!!!! Congratulations, you won yourself a beautiful chocolate bar from La Signorina. Thank you so much for participating Sheri, and to all you beautiful and outstanding women that entered (yes you are indeed beautiful and outstanding) thank you so much! and I will be giving away more goodies so don’t lose heart okay? I will see you next time in the next video so make sure you hit the subscribe button and share it with your friends so I can give away more stuff. I will see you soon, Ciao, alla prossima!

Watch video outtakes.

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