Chocolate Tea and Kendall Jenner: How to Make Chocolate Tea DIY

22 Jun
Chocolate Tea and Kendall Jenner: How to Make Chocolate Tea DIY

Chocolate Tea and Kendall Jenner: How to Make Chocolate Tea DIY

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Kendall Jenner, Keeping up with the Kardashins superstar tweeted “If only I liked Chocolate” here is the photograph:



“aaah looks so pretty” she says and indeed it does! Some lovely chocolate for those of us who love chocolate. I think it’s a beautiful chocolate layout. Now, we love chocolate so we are going to be talking about chocolate tea and i’m going to show you how to make some but before I do that the reason why Kendall Jenner tweeted that photograph was because she was helping to launch a new brassiere that’s just opened in new york city called Sugar factory, so if you are in new york, head on down and let me know how it goes, leave a comment in the comment box below ok?

So moving on, coming back to lovely London, I’m going to show you how to make some chocolate tea…

We’re at the cooker, I have some La Signorina Chocolate, this is dark chocolate you can use your favourite dark chocolate bar. We’re using “our favourite” which is the one that we make her. So we are just going to put a little bit of that and a little bit of milk, we’re going to melt this down. It’s okay, I know that our chocolate bar has hints of white chocolate in there, that’s absolutely fine it’s all chocolate, we’re going to mix this, melt this slowly, make sure you melt this on a low setting, it will start to melt quite quickly, you don’t really need a lot of milk for this but it’s entirely up to you. So once that’s melted, I like to add our tea that we have brewed, regular tea is fine. I’m just going to pour that in, whoops! sorry for the mess, i’m just waaay too excited to have some chocolate tea. Another tea that would be really good for this would be Early Grey Tea, it’s got a distinctive flavour of bergamot and it adds a slightly citrus tang to it so if you like a citrusy type of chocolate tea then I would recommend using Earl Grey Tea. If not, then regular breakfast tea is fine.

So we have the lovely Chocolate Tea over here, you can add a bit of extra sugar, i’m going to have mine plain. It’s creamy and soothing. There is nothing like a cup of tea. Until next time in the next video, enjoy your chocolate tea, make sure you have some strawberries with it, it’s an amazing combination. I’ll see you next time, make sure you hit the subscribe button, see you soon! Ciao!

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