Can you help La Signorina Chocolates?

31 Oct
Can you help La Signorina Chocolates?
LaSignorina Chocolates - Stylist Triumph Next Maker Competition 2013

La Signorina Chocolates – Stylist Triumph Next Maker Competition 2013

Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me? I put myself forward to win some money for my business (about £10,000) Whilst the competition is not purely based on votes – Thank goodness – as I’m no where close to those who have received thousands of votes. The person with the highest votes however, will automatically get selected along with the other 9 finalists who are hand picked by the judges. Today is the last day of voting (31st Oct) so I thought I would give it one last push to ask for your support and vote for me?

Alot of people have had trouble finding me and I would have to say it hasn’t been the easiest website to navigate around (hence the low but very HONEST votes) – I’m still scratching my head about those who managed to pull off getting thousands of votes hmmmm!

Anyway, here is hopefully a step by step on how to actually find me to vote:

Step 1: Click on the photo above to take you to the competition page (which will open in a new window)

Step 2: Scroll down the page and look for my photo of the Deep Fried Chocolate Strawberries that I made a while back. Here is what it looks like with my very humble 36 votes so far (of which I am truly grateful as so many struggled to find me, but these 36 people thought I was worth getting a vote – I’m so grateful!)


Step 3: Hover over the button and click vote now. Enter your e-mail address.

PS: If you click on the photo on the website it will show you a little profile of me and some more photos of my chocolates! Thank you so much. Hopefully I can get to 40 votes with your help!



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