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Chocolate Feature on the Story Exchange.

Chocolate Feature on the Story Exchange.

I have been featured on the story exchange as part of their 1000 stories campaign. So honoured to have been included and help make a small positive difference in people’s lives. Here is the link to read the feature:

So, tell me what’s your story? How can you help others? Or where do you need help? Leave a comment in the comment box. You never know, someone reading your comment might be grateful you spoke up about it!



Marie Forleo is Disgusting!

Marie Forleo is Disgusting!

I have been following Marie Forleo for a couple of years now and she always has something clever up her sleeve. She is Disgustingly Brilliant! She makes her business fun, classy and I secretly wish I could be her!  I love watching Marie TV where she gives free business advice to entrepreneurs like myself in order to create a business and life that we love.

She also believes that everything is “figureoutable” and she is right. If you follow and model her success secrets. Although her B-School program usually comes with a price tag that not many can afford straight up. She tries to make it as accessible as possible by giving away scholarships to entrepreneurs who want to be given a chance to be trained and guided by her. I have put myself up for this fierce competition to win a spot. Here is my video entry:

As you can see in the video I am giving away an exclusive Chocolate Shoe not currently on my website and I am planning to name the shoe after the winner (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!) – I have learnt from Marie to give more than we expect to receive and so even if I will be extremely heart broken if I don’t get into B-School, nothing will make me happier than to model my business mentor by giving away a this gorgeous chocolate shoe, in the hopes that it will really make the winner feel SPECIAL! And I really hope it will be YOU!

So, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments box below the video. I would love to hear from you!

Also, if you would like to tweet Marie and tell her you think I should win a scholarship to b-school. Then all you have to do is add this to your tweet:  @marieforleo! Please Take @edunlola to B-School #winBSCHOOL


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What is your wish for 2014?

What is your wish for 2014?

Happy New Year! It’s a little late I know but better late than never. Life and business have been busy… I will be moving this blog to a new website so be prepared!! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you) The best way to make sure you are moved along with me to the new website. Will be to leave your e-mail at and sign up there!

So many exciting things I want to share with you but I have to wait for the right time to announce them… One thing I would love to share with you is my planner for 2014. I am so in love with the colours and creativity. I look at it nearly everyday and you want to know something special?

I have attracted 2 amazing things for my business already AND we are only 2 weeks into January! Talk about starting the year with a bang! I wish I could tell you what these 2 amazing things are but I will share them with you at the right time! I honestly didn’t think this book will work and help me laser focus on what I would like for my business and life… I just bought it because it was cheap and colourful. I worked through it with patience and you know what? So far so good! I love the workbook and I want you to get it too so you can bring some happiness and make some if your dreams come true. Watch my YouTube video for a sneak peak on what’s inside the book and get the book here by clicking on this link

So what do you REALLY want this year? Get this book and work your way through it… But be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!



Are you still humming and haaaing about whether to get it or not? It’s so cheap! What are you waiting for?


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Chocolate Shoes, Awards and Christmas is Coming!!!

Chocolate Shoes, Awards and Christmas is Coming!!!

I cannot believe I picked up an award at The Time to Shine Conference 2013! I am still gob smacked about how it all happened. I had popped out of the conference to get some fresh air and began chit chatting away with Carrie Green from The Female Entrepreneur Association (if you have never heard of this amazing girl google her now) she is rocking it in business at such a young age! Anyway I digress, I was just chatting with her when the big doors to the conference swung wide open and a friend of mine who had been attending the conference with me, came running out screaming that I had won!

Diamond Business Club Awards Winner 2013

Diamond Business Club Awards Winner 2013

A million things went through my head in that moment including ( I must apologize to Carrie later as I’m going to have to abandon our juicy conversation to how long have people been sitting in the conference room waiting for

me to show up?) shock, horror and excitement all happening in one instant. I began running towards the stage as the music began to play and people were clapping, cheering me on and then HORROR multiplied times two, my high heeled shoes came off my feet as I was running and I had to stop and wear them back! I was like omg! There are video cameras and photographers, this is soooo embarrassing but then I thought “what would Miss World do in this moment?” Yes, I smiled, was graceful about my mini hiccup but still with a shocked look on my face, I stumbled unto the stage forgetting that there were stairs leading to the stage platform which I could have taken. Never the less, I breathlessly encouraged all the gorgeous women sitting before me to keep going for their dreams and aiming for Gold because you never know… It might be you who wins something!

Everyone loved the Chocolate Shoes and Champagne bottles we had on display at the exhibition, they are up for sale on the website Let me know which Shoe is your favourite shoe in the comments box?

Venus Chocolate Shoes (Handmade and Fairtrade) by La Signorina Chocolates

Venus Chocolate Shoes (Handmade and Fairtrade) by La Signorina Chocolates

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WIN A FREE £97 Silver Ticket ( Including Lunch & Drinks)

WIN A FREE £97 Silver Ticket ( Including Lunch & Drinks)
WIN A FREE £97 Silver Ticket ( Including Lunch & Drinks)

WIN A FREE £97 Silver Ticket ( Including Lunch & Drinks)

This is your chance to win the LAST remaining Silver Ticket worth £97 to the Time To Shine Conference 2013. Visit for your Chance to win


What more do you want? Come and Transform your life today! Click the link now! One ticket left!


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Got Fear? 5 tools I use that really work to help me shift from non-action to action.

1) Do it anyway! Just do it!
2) Break it down into baby steps and take the first baby step now.
3) Do a brain dump. Write out all your fears down on paper. Cry if you have to! I don’t care how you do it as long as you do it. Send it as a text message to yourself, use a note writing app, traditional pen and paper or a computer. Just write it and express it ( in art, photography or cooking) okay maybe not cooking but you get the idea right?!?
4) Eat Chocolate! Or anything else that makes you happy or that you can call “Brain food” this is the stuff that makes you perform at your best and just makes you feel like you can conquer the world! (sorry no illegal drugs included)
5) Schedule it in the calendar, The exact day and time you will spend on it (ideally today) with an ALARM reminder and get your gorgeous bum to do the work! It will all pay off in the end. Come back and share on this blog that you took action. It will make me so happy to celebrate with you! Well done you gorgeous human bean xoxo
This post is a part of the Summit Blog Tour, which leads up to the Soul*Full Summit hosted by Catherine Just. I’m thrilled to be a part of an event that empowers entrepreneurs, artists and creatives to take action toward their dreams while helping create more opportunities for people with Down syndrome. You can join the movement by signing up for the Summit HERE.

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Best Chocolate Channel – Welcome

My Welcome Video is finally here, pleased to announce the arrival  of the Best Chocolate Channel you will find on the web. Have you subscribed? Click click click 🙂 Enjoy the video!

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La Signorina ChocolatesLa Signorina Chocolates


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