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Chocolate Tea and Kendall Jenner: How to Make Chocolate Tea DIY

Chocolate Tea and Kendall Jenner: How to Make Chocolate Tea DIY

Chocolate Tea and Kendall Jenner: How to Make Chocolate Tea DIY

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Kendall Jenner, Keeping up with the Kardashins superstar tweeted “If only I liked Chocolate” here is the photograph:



“aaah looks so pretty” she says and indeed it does! Some lovely chocolate for those of us who love chocolate. I think it’s a beautiful chocolate layout. Now, we love chocolate so we are going to be talking about chocolate tea and i’m going to show you how to make some but before I do that the reason why Kendall Jenner tweeted that photograph was because she was helping to launch a new brassiere that’s just opened in new york city called Sugar factory, so if you are in new york, head on down and let me know how it goes, leave a comment in the comment box below ok?

So moving on, coming back to lovely London, I’m going to show you how to make some chocolate tea…

We’re at the cooker, I have some La Signorina Chocolate, this is dark chocolate you can use your favourite dark chocolate bar. We’re using “our favourite” which is the one that we make her. So we are just going to put a little bit of that and a little bit of milk, we’re going to melt this down. It’s okay, I know that our chocolate bar has hints of white chocolate in there, that’s absolutely fine it’s all chocolate, we’re going to mix this, melt this slowly, make sure you melt this on a low setting, it will start to melt quite quickly, you don’t really need a lot of milk for this but it’s entirely up to you. So once that’s melted, I like to add our tea that we have brewed, regular tea is fine. I’m just going to pour that in, whoops! sorry for the mess, i’m just waaay too excited to have some chocolate tea. Another tea that would be really good for this would be Early Grey Tea, it’s got a distinctive flavour of bergamot and it adds a slightly citrus tang to it so if you like a citrusy type of chocolate tea then I would recommend using Earl Grey Tea. If not, then regular breakfast tea is fine.

So we have the lovely Chocolate Tea over here, you can add a bit of extra sugar, i’m going to have mine plain. It’s creamy and soothing. There is nothing like a cup of tea. Until next time in the next video, enjoy your chocolate tea, make sure you have some strawberries with it, it’s an amazing combination. I’ll see you next time, make sure you hit the subscribe button, see you soon! Ciao!

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Red wine in a purse to eat with chocolates

Here is a little something something to pair your chocolates with: Red Wine in a purse! Elegant, feminine, fashionable and luxurious!


Pair your chocolates with this red wine in a purse

This fashionable couture Wine box was created by Vernissage

For ideas on chocolate pairings and tasting, including chocolate tasting wheel. Click here!

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What am I doing? Holy mother of Chocolate! What have I done now?


Okay, this is it. What am i doing? And what have I done? I have committed to writing a blog post every single day for the entire month of November! Yes I am on a blogging marathon for an ENTIRE month! It sounds insane as I can barely find the time to post my chocolate blog every Saturday and run my business at the same time! Well, you know me, always up for a challenge… (cringe) (cringe)

So here is my first post for the 1st November 2012. Yay! I will be posting every single day, Monday-Friday, (No Saturday posts for the rest of the challenge as I will be trying to recuperate from this month of intense blog marathon) so any kind of support would be appreciated, including a slap on the hand if i don’t! If you would like to join me on this November challenge here is the link let me know if you do join so we can keep each other motivated and accountable!

So here is my promise: Chocolate themed blogs, everyday, Monday-Friday for the entire month of November. Will I make it or will I break it?

Subscribe to my blog and watch me unfold or break under the pressure of making and selling my chocolates, and finding the time to create engaging chocolate themed content! Aaaaaaaargh! Im Scared! 😀

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Inside: Chocolat – The Movie


Inside: Chocolat – The Movie.

Here we are looking to re-create the feel of the movie by giving you some interior ideas for your very own french kitchen, inspired by the movie, Chocolat. Yes, we didn’t forget the lipstick and earrings. We were also going to include the red shoes but ran out of space, so hope you can forgive us for not including it. Your newly french inspired kitchen would never be complete without a bit of fashion! Remember, you can also purchase all your gorgeous, mouth watering chocolates from our online boutique store… Spoil yourself a little…

1. Celiing Pendant,£94   2. Copper pots,£5   3.Moon Dance Earrings, £99   4.Vintage Tea set, £134
5.Heart wire stand, £25   6.Silver Bowl, £25  7. Gourmet Apron, £5  8.Classic Lipstick, £14
9. Kilner Jar, £4    10.Glass Cloche, £44   11.Duck & Denim Paint, £18-£22   12. Bar Stool, £522


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Some of these movies will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will make you very VERY hungry and some will make you damn right angry!!! Don’t miss any of these… inspiring… These are the best chocolate movies you will ever find! If you don’t agree, then leave us a comment or an email! :))

Consuming Passions

Consuming Passions

Consuming Passions: A tragic mishap at a chocolate factory results in candy lovers getting an unexpected ‘extra’ in their sweets. The problem is that they want more!

Released: April 06, 1988 Runtime: 98 mins Genres: Comedy Countries: UK Director: Giles Foster



Chocolat: A woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.

Released: December 15, 2000 Runtime: 121 mins Genres: Drama Comedy Romance Countries: UK USA Director: Lasse Hallström

Willie Wonka and The Chocolate  Factory

Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 1970: A poor boy wins the oppurtunity to tour the most eccentric and wonderful candy factory of all.

Released: June 30, 1971 Runtime: 100 mins Genres: Comedy Musical Family Fantasy Countries: USA Director: Mel Stuart

Charlie and the  Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world, led by the world’s most unusual candy maker.

Released: July 10, 2005 Runtime: 115 mins Genres: Comedy Family Adventure Fantasy Countries: USA UK Director: Tim Burton

The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Dark Side Of Chocolate: The Dark Side of Chocolate is a documentary about the continued allegations of trafficking of children and child labor in the international chocolate industry While we enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, the reality is strikingly different for African children.

Released: October 31, 2010 Genres: Documentary

Kings of Pastry

Kings of Pastry

Kings of Pastry: The collar awarded to the winners of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France) is more than the ultimate recognition for every pastry chef – it is a dream and an obsession. The 3-day competition includes everything from delicate chocolates to precarious six foot sugar sculptures and requires that the chefs have extraordinary skill, nerves of steel and luck. The film follows Jacquy Pfeiffer, founder of The French Pastry School in Chicago, as he returns to France to compete against 15 of France’s leading pastry chefs. The filmmakers were given first time/exclusive access to this high-stakes drama of passion, sacrifice, disappointment and joy in the quest to have President Sarkozy declare them one of the best in France.

Released: November 21, 2009 Runtime: 87 mins Genres: Documentary Drama Family History Countries: Netherlands USA UK France Director: Chris Hegedus

Lezioni di Cioccolato

Lezioni di Cioccolato

Lezioni di Cioccolato:
An Italian building contractor must pretend to be a pastry chef (an Egyptian one, no less) to keep from being reported by Kamal, a construction worker who fell from a scaffold and intends to make his boss pay unless the wealthy businessman agrees to get Kamal’s chocolate-making diploma for him.

Released: November 23, 2007 Runtime: 99 mins Genres: Comedy Countries: Italy Director: Claudio Cupellini

Romantics Anonymous

Romantics Anonymous

Romantics Anonymous (Les émotifs anonymes):

What happens when a man and a woman share a common passion? They fall in love. And this is what happens to Jean-René, the boss of a small chocolate factory, and Angélique, a gifted chocolate maker he has just hired. What occurs when a highly emotional man meets a highly emotional woman? They fall in love, and this is what occurs to Jean-René and Angélique who share the same handicap. But being pathologically timid does not make things easy for them. So whether they will manage to get together, join their solitudes and live happily ever after is a guessing matter. Written by Guy Bellinger

Released: December 2, 2011 Runtime: 80 mins Genres: Comedy/ Romance Countries: UK Director: Jean-Pierre Améris

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La Signorina Chocolate Tasting Wheel

La Signorina Chocolate Tasting Wheel

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Why does Chocolate make you feel sooooooo good?

Benefits of Chocolate Shakespare has been quoted saying “If chocolate be the food of love, eat on”. Well he didn’t really say that but it sounds quite impressive! However, Montezuma shared chocolate with his wives and maidens. Madame du Barry fed it to her lovers and Casanova seduced women with a cup of cocoa…

Clearly there must be something magical about this thing we call chocolate. Well, here are a list of the substances in chocolate that make you feel good:

  • Phenethylamime: the same substance found in the brain when you are in love. Yes, chocolate is an aphrodisiac!
  • Anandamine: creates a mild form of euphoria
  • Methylxanthines: are stimulants which don’t give you the same coffee jolt but work slowly to up your energy level. Maybe it’s time to substitute that morning coffee for dark chocolate?

These are the substances that are also good for you:

  • Polyphenols: these are the same anti-oxidants found in red wine and green tea. Also, Dark chocolate is higher in anti-oxidants than the acai berry!
  • Magnesium: aids muscle relaxation, energy function and a proper nerve function
  • Copper: prevents anemia and an effective hemoglobin
  • Cocoa butter: stays liquid at body temperature and so does not block your arteries like regular fats and oils do.

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